FEN10030 L=100cm Ø=30cm
FEN20030 L=200cm Ø=30cm
FEN30030 L=300cm Ø=30cm
FEN10042 L=100cm Ø=42cm
FEN15042 L=150cm Ø=42cm
FEN20042 L=200cm Ø=42cm
FEN30042 L=300cm Ø=42cm
FEN15060 L=150cm Ø=60cm
FEN20060 L=200cm Ø=60cm
FEN30060 L=300cm Ø=60cm
FEN15090 L=150cm Ø=90cm
FEN25090 L=250cm Ø=90cm
FEN30090 L=300cm Ø=90cm
FEN145100 L=145cm Ø=100cm
FEN200100 L=200cm Ø=100cm
FEN275100 L=275cm Ø=100cm
FEN415100 L=415cm Ø=100cm
FEN200120 L=200cm Ø=120cm
FEN290120 L=290cm Ø=120cm
FEN415135 L=415cm Ø=135cm
FEN200140 L=200cm Ø=140cm
FEN290150 L=290cm Ø=150cm
FEN200180 L=200cm Ø=180cm
Length of the Fender is the actual body length, EXCLUDIING domed ends. The domed ends add approximately 10% to the overall length. Fender covers avaialble for all Sizes.
L=Length Ø=Diameter